Decision-making under uncertainty

ERP build upon the most advanced management philosophy in the background, Theory of Constraints


Full decision support for all managers at all levels

Covering CRM, planning and execution of operations, purchasing raw materials, as well as the financial aspects

Fits any manufacturing environment

Make-to-Stock (MTS), Make-to-Order (MTO), Engineer-to-Order (ETO), Assemble-to-Order (ATO) or any mix of those.

Fits all types of a plant

From mass-production to job-shops, discreet to process manufacturing, and manufacturing structures of V, A, T, or I and any the mix of these.

Manage organisation the TOC Way

Achieving fast flow that is fully adjusted to the demand, holding less inventory while maintaining excellent availability, plus having full control on the profitability.

Build on Odoo platform

TOC apps enhance Odoo standard app family. In the enterprise resource planning software field, Odoo is an alternative to SAP ERP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, and others.

Manage it all 

Together with TOC apps, Odoo apps work seamlessly together - giving you the ability to automate and track everything you do - centralised, online, and accessible from anywhere with any device.

TOC apps ready to use

100% Developed

Buffer CRM

Manage sales opportunity flow most effectively

  • Specify multiple sales processes
  • Manually and purposely release new opportunities to WIP or choke the release
  • Define duration (in days) for every stage in the sales process
  • Transformation records are created at stage change
  • Opportunity status change (on time/late) depending on time spent on stage
  • Managing the priorities of the opportunity flow based on buffer penetrations according to TOC Critical Chain Project Management algorithm
  • Using the six Layers of Resistance when stuck with solution-selling-type opportunities

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Safe-dates for MTO Deliveries

Supporting Sales with the safe-dates for deliveries. 

Find out the Next Available Date based on order's BOM, routing and Planned-Load on the critical resources

Planned-Load Control 

Monitoring the load on the critical resources, warning from “too-much-load” occasions. Beware when extra capacity (e.g. overtime) might be truly necessary. Always keep Sales Team informed of the safe-dates to commit.

Throughput Accounting 

Producing the periodical Throughput (T) numbers for the whole organisation, also for families of products and also the T generated from any client.

Throughput financial measurements and decision support:

  • judging company performance
  • judging business unit performance
  • judging product/service profitability
  • in make / buy decisions
  • in making new investments decisions
  • in setting product / service pricing


Simplified Drum-Buffer-Rope (sDBR) for Production Planning and Execution

Control WIP, maximise production flow, improve Due Date Performance and shorten Lead Time.

sDBR app is specified by Eli Schragenheim, sDBR inventor

S-DBR is based on the same concepts as traditional DBR and is certainly in harmony with TOC and the Five Focusing Steps.  What distinguishes it from traditional DBR is its assumption of market demand as the major system constraint, even when an internal capacity constraint temporarily emerges.  

S-DBR is specifically intended to deal with fluctuating market demand. 

Buffer Management 

Single Priority System on the shop-floor for both MTS&MTO

Using the Red-Yellow-Green notations to prioritize the work-orders according to their due-dates or on-hand stock. 

The vast majority of the manufacturing organizations produce both for order and for stock, sometimes within the same work-order there are quantities promised to be delivered at certain dates (MTO), while the production batch also includes items to cover future demand (MTS).

TOC apps under development

40% Development

Buffer Analysis and the Planned-Load for Ongoing Improvement

Monitor the number of red orders, warning when orders might be late and when there is a real need for additional capacity. Buffer analysis also signal when the buffer size has to be changed

Dynamic Buffer Management (DBM) 

Manage own and clients’ warehouse inventory according to demand, not to always-wrong-forecast

Throughput Economics

Active support for evaluation of opportunities according to their net impact on the bottom line, taking capacity and uncertainty into account on top of T, I and OE.

non-TOC apps ready to use

100% Developed



$ 300

/ month (billed annually)

US customers: $37.40 user/month (Odoo billed annually)

EU customers: €17.90 user/month (Odoo billed annually)​

Customers from other regions see price per user at Odoo  (Custom plan)

  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Virtual processor: 2vCPUs
  • Transfer: 4 TB
  • Storage: SSD 80 GB
  • Separate Production and Stage environments
  • All TOC custom apps
  • All non-TOC standard Apps: Finance, Marketing, Inventory & Manufacturing, Human Resource, Services, Website, Productivity.  Yes, all these apps (and more) are included in the price!
  • Read only access to PostgreSQL database
  • Integration with Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 mail server
  • Instant SaaS setup
  • No Extra Services

Extra Services

Extra Services are offered by Enterprise Space authorised partners, certified TOC experts who play a critical role in helping customers realise the full value of TOC ERP Saas. 

Basic Configuration

$ 999

  • Standard system setup according to customer specification (users, accounting, warehouses, work centers, sales processes etc.)
  • Intro training for key users by a TOC expert
  • Configuration Lead Time - 1 week
  • No consulting support after launch

TOC Consulting

$ 9999

/ month
  • Includes Basic Configuration features
  • Full TOC curriculum including Sales, Manufacturing, Throughput Accounting, Stock management, etc.
  • Specification, documentation and configuration of all key processes: Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Inventory management, Maintenance, Accounting, etc.
  • sDBR implementation in manufacturing including Buffer Management
  • Stock management TOC way including Buffer Management
  • Monthly project review with TOC expert
  • Demonstration of TOC ERP capabilities (based on Basic Configuration)
  • Support on case-by-case basis after consulting is over

TOC ERP Implementation

 Call for pricing

  • Full scale TOC ERP implementation includes TOC Consulting features
  • Specification, documentation and configuration of all key processes for TOC ERP implementation: Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Inventory management, Maintenance, Accounting, etc.
  • Full TOC ERP configuration according to company specific processes
  • User training for TOC ERP implementation
  • Daily stand-ups for all key functions
  • Weekly implementation project review
  • Support based on Support Agreement Terms

Make knowledge work

Deal with complexity through simple solutions while manage uncertainty with the buffers 

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