Buffer CRM

Create the flow of opportunities,
manage it by preventing overload on your sales team,
balance and improve the flow by eliminating any major disruption

Focus on opportunity flow

Multiple processes

There're usually more than one route that your sales opportunities need to pass through to be won. RFQ-to-Order, Lead-Meeting-to-Contract or something more specific in your business?

Choking the release

Choke the number of open opportunities each sales division or person has in their WIP. Release new opportunities purposely, given current load on sales force capacity is absolutely transparent.

Layers of Resistancee

Never lose control of how you move towards a win-win when selling solutions. TOC Layers of Resistance are extremely powerful when applied to high volume of opportunity flow.

Local delay monitoring

During setup, define duration (in days) for every stage in the sales process. Later focus management attention on opportunities with late status depending on time spent on stage.

Global delay monitoring

Watch the buffer penetration of each opportunity (green, yellow, red), quickly set priorities or make tactical decisions in order to expedite certain sales opportunities.

Fever Chart

Fever Chart gives even earlier leading signals than the buffer penetration, because it is based on buffer burn rate, not on buffer consumption. Chart templates ready for Tableau, Power BI, Qlik.

Like no other CRM

Focusing process in place

Out-of-the-box POOGI mechanism to manage sales opportunities

Complexity simplified

Regardless how complex your sales process structure seems to be, in reality it is as simple as multiple flows.

Since Buffer CRM can handle multiple (unlimited) sales processes, you don't need to cut corners and lose control over the flows by accepting one-size-fits-all sales process.

Stay above the noise 

Receive early warning signals about what opportunities may not be won on time. Prompt corrective actions and control execution by just watching a single Fever Chart real-time report.

Want to change trajectory of WIP opportunities? Request demo and improve flow by yourself!

Data for sales POOGI 

Enjoy the the story of a particular sales opportunity from its beginning to its completion. Why did opportunity drift into the red at that point? What can we learn and overcome similar obstacles with other opportunities in the future? Or maybe we should kill certain (management) attention whore opportunity and free up sales team precious time?

Collect statistics for POOGI automatically!

Complete transparency

No more micromanagement nor reporting about who did what when. Flow records are logged automatically and stored ready for process mining.

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Buffer CRM SaaS

$ 300 

    / month (billed annually)

US customers: $37.40 user/month (Odoo billed annually)
EU customers: €17.90 user/month (Odoo billed annually)
Customers from other regions see price per user at  Odoo  (Custom plan)

  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Virtual processor: 2vCPUs
  • Transfer: 4 TB
  • Storage: SSD 80 GB
  • Stage Environment
  • Include all TOC ERP apps
  • Odoo CRM app standard features
  • One-click install any Odoo app
  • Kit of report templates: Tableau
  • Read only access to PostgreSQL database
  • Integration with Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 mail server
  • Instant SaaS setup
  • Fully integrated with all Odoo Apps
  • All standard Apps: Finance, Marketing, Inventory & Manufacturing, Human Resource, Services, Website, Productivity.  Yes, all these apps (and more) are included in the price!

TOC Features

Specify multiple (unlimited) sales processes

  • Opportunity release is made manual
  • Duration (in days) can be defined for each stage in the sales process
  • Transformation record is created at stage change
  • Opportunity status change (on time/late) depending on time spent on stage
  • On its way, each opportunity creates real time buffer calculations based on Critical Chain Project management algorithm
  • 6 Layers of Resistance can be recorded when lost-closing solution-selling-type opportunities

All Apps Included!


Let's schedule a 30 mins Intro Session at your earliest convenience


Let us show you Buffer CRM from a Sales Manager perspective


Enjoy 2 weeks of hands-on experience on Demo Company account


Sign Subscription Agreements with Enterprise Space, Inc. and Odoo A.S.


We will work together with your IT team to properly setup DNS, SSL and mail server


Sell, focus, improve your flow and Throughput

Extra Services

Extra Services are offered by Enterprise Space authorised partners who play a critical role in helping customers realise the full value of Buffer CRM. 


$ 999 

  • System setup according to the sales processes provided by the customer
  • Intro / launch 2 hrs presentation for the sales and management team by TOC expert
  • Configuration Lead Time ~1 week
  • No support after launch


$ 4,999

  • Specification, documentation & configuration of all sales processes
  • Helpdesk specification & configuration
  • Intro / launch 4 hrs training for the sales team by TOC expert
  • Intro / launch 2 hrs training for the top management team by TOC expert on how to manage sales flow
  • Implementation Lead Time ~1 month
  • Unlimited support tickets 2 weeks after launch (24 hrs SLA)

Sales Factory

$ 4,999

/ month
  • Specification, documentation & configuration of all sales processes
  • Helpdesk specification & configuration
  • Intro / launch 4 hrs training for the  sales team  by TOC expert
  • Intro / launch 2 hrs training for the top management team by TOC expert on how to manage sales flow
  • Implementation of Standartisation, Division of Labor, Centralised Scheduling
  • daily online Stand-ups
  • Weekly sales meetings: analysis, planning
  • Monthly process mining analysis
  • Mafia-Offer development